General Conditions of Sale

Please carefully read these General Conditions of Sale that apply to Products purchased on the website (hereinafter the "Website"). These General Conditions notably apply to the purchase of Tickets for the exhibition dedicated to Peter Lindbergh taking place in the Espace Vanderborght from 15 December 2022 to 14 May 2023 (hereinafter the “Exhibition”).

By purchasing or ordering Products (including Tickets for the Exhibition), you are entering into a binding contract with Promart ASBL, whose registered office is located at Place Poelaert, 6 1000 Brussels, entered on the Trade Register under the number 0786.564.783 (“We”, or “Promart”) and signal your approval to be bound by these General Conditions, including the Privacy Policy. Please read the Privacy Policy which explains in detail how your data is used, prior to submitting personal data to us.

These General Conditions will prevail over any other general or specific conditions proposed by you. These General Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy (together, the “Conditions” or the “Contract”), form the entirety of the agreement between the parties and replace and cancel all previous contracts, whether written or verbal ones, between the parties.

We can modify or revise these Conditions at any time, by publishing the modified Conditions on the Website. In the case of a conflict between the different versions of the Conditions, the latest version will prevail. Any modification to the Conditions shall be binding and applicable to the contractual relationship between you and Us as from its publication on the Website. The conditions applicable to the purchase of a Product are those in force at the point of confirming the order.

  1. Definitions

The definitions under these Conditions are as follows:

  • “Customer, “You”, and “Your” refer to you, the person purchasing Products and adhering to the Company’s General Conditions.
  • “Contract” means the contract that you enter into with Us when you purchase Products or when you make use of the Services.
  • “Exhibition” means the exhibition dedicated to Peter Lindbergh and taking place in the Espace Vanderborght from 15 December 2022 to 14 May 2023.
  • "Promart SA", "The Company", "Us" and “Our” refer to Promart.
  • “Product” means any product purchased or ordered from Promart, including the Tickets.
  • “Ticket” means any ticket granting admission to a visit or a guided tour of the Exhibition on a specific date and, for a ticket concerning a guided tour of the Exhibition, at a specific time.
  • “Service” means any Service that We provide under this Contract.

The headings of these General Conditions are provided only for the purpose of convenience and cannot be used to interpret these General Conditions.

  1. Purchase of Tickets
    1. Tickets can only be booked and purchased via the Website or at the ticket office at the Exhibition location. The Customer chooses the desired number of Ticket(s), the date and, for Tickets concerning a guided tour of the Exhibition, the time of the visit, based on the available time slots published on the Website. The Ticket is exclusively valid for a visit to the Exhibition on the date and, for a Ticket concerning a guided tour of the Exhibition, at the time slot stated on the Ticket.

    1. Before clicking on the payment method button, you must familiarise yourself with these Conditions, and then confirm your approval of all of these Conditions, by completing the step to confirm approval, as implemented by the Website (for example, by ticking a box). Once the confirmation of the Conditions has been duly accepted, you must confirm your order. By pressing on the button “order with obligation to pay”, you agree to pay the price indicated.

    1. After receipt of payment, the Ticket is sent to the email address entered by the Customer during the ordering process and is delivered in a pdf. format. We reserve the right to use the services of a third-party service provider such as TicketMaster, for the creation, issuing and dispatching of Tickets.

  1. Prices and payment methods
    1. All Product prices are published in euro and include VAT. Product prices can change from time to time and any discount or promotional offer can equally be withdrawn at any time without prior warning. The prices applicable to the purchase are those in force at the point of confirming the order.

    1. All orders are paid in euro.

    1. Payments are processed for all orders placed on the Website via the following payment service: Ayden. We only accept payment methods accepted by this payment service. These payment methods may be modified without prior warning. By using Our Services, and by providing us with your bank details, you authorise Us to use them and to disclose them to Our payment service for the purpose of processing the payments that you authorise via the Service. We are not liable for losses or damages arising from any transaction processed by our payment service (including invalid transactions or transactions that are not processed due to a network communication error, or for any other reason). Under no circumstances can We be held liable for reimbursing additional costs that the Customer must bear in relation to online payments such as, but not limited to, currency conversion fees applied by the issuing bank.

    1. Any order placed using an invalid or expired bank card or for which the amount is above the authorised limit will not be processed.

  1. Refund and exchange
    1. The Customer does not have the right to renounce their purchase in accordance with Article VI.53, 12° of the Belgian Code of Economic Law. Any order is considered to be complete and final and no refund can be requested beyond the conditions provided for under this Article.

    1. In the case when the event is cancelled or the exceptional closure of the Exhibition, the Customer can request an exchange against another Ticket based on available time slots, by sending a request to the following email address:

    1. In the case when a guided tour is cancelled at Our request at least 24 hours prior to the event, the Customer can send a refund request to the email address:

    1. If the Customer purchases by mistake a Ticket for a date on which they are not available, the Customer can send Us a refund request to the email address: The first Ticket will then be refunded once We have received and checked the proof of purchase.

    1. Any lost or stolen Ticket or ones not used on the date or at the time for which it was issued will not be eligible for any refund or exchange.

  1. Conditions relating to admission to the Exhibition
    1. Customers with a Ticket for a guided tour of the Exhibition in a paper or digital format must go to the entrance of the Exhibition at the latest at the time stated on the Ticket. When a Customer arrives after the time stated on the Ticket, the late Customer can only access the visit or the next guided tour if the maximum number of Customers in the next time slot has not been reached.

    1. Any Ticket is systematically checked at the Exhibition entrance and can be checked at any time during the visit to the Exhibition.

    1. We reserve the right to refuse entry to the Exhibition to any person in possession of (i) dangerous, explosive, inflammable or corrosive substances, (ii) any object which, by its purpose or characteristics presents a safety risk for persons, the Exhibition or its installations, (iii) any excessively heavy, encumbering or odorous objects, (iv) weapons and/or ammunition, (v) food or drink, (vi) cameras or similar devices. We equally reserve the right to refuse entry to the Exhibition to persons displaying aggressive behaviour, with the potential to impact public order, or the safety of the public or staff or outraging public decency, as well as persons who are clearly under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances. Animals are not allowed to enter the Exhibition, with the exception of assistance dogs.

  1. Liability
    1. Within the full scope permitted by law, We hereby decline any liability towards you or any third parties for any direct or indirect damages, whether foreseeable or not, by virtue of a contract or a tort, including damages for loss of profits, loss of activity, of revenue, usage, data, money, business, reputation or other economic benefits, of immaterial or material damages, even if we are aware of or informed of the possibility of such damages, arising from the purchase of Products and/or visiting the Exhibition.

    1. Promart cannot be held liable for any failure or delay in executing its obligations that arise in full or in part, directly or indirectly from force majeure circumstances such as, but not limited to, natural catastrophes, acts and orders by the State, acts of terrorism and acts of war, unavailability of electronic networks or telecommunication services, viruses and bugs, the bankruptcy of a supplier or partner, accidents, pandemics, illnesses and strikes, as well as any other event that cannot reasonably be foreseen or surmounted.

    1. Promart cannot be held liable for any damages or losses, of any nature whatsoever, caused or supposedly caused by or linked to the admission or use of services supplied to Customers by a third party. The Customer irrevocably renounces any claims against Promart regarding services provided by a third party.

    1. In the case where Promart is held liable in spite of the aforementioned conditions, no action, in any form, can be instigated against Promart by the Customer more than one (1) year after the event giving rise to the claim took place. Promart’s liability will be, under all circumstances and within the scope permitted by law, limited to the amount of the order placed by the Customer.

  1. Questions and notifications
    1. Any potential questions relating to Products, Tickets, the Exhibition or General Conditions of Sale should be sent to us at the following email address:

  1. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction
    1. The General Conditions and Our Contract with You will be governed and interpreted, in all respects, in accordance with Belgian substantive law. Any legal action whatsoever linked to the purchase of Products will be subject to the exclusive competence of the courts of Brussels.
  2. Miscellaneous
    1. If a provision of these General Conditions is judged by a court to be illegal, invalid, inapplicable or in conflict with a legal provision, it will not affect the validity and applicability of the other provisions.
    1. Any delay or failure to enjoy rights in relation to a breach by the other party will not be interpreted as a renunciation of these rights.

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